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Quira Vom Willow Rock

After twenty years of hunting with many diffrent breeds, I  have finally ended the search for my foundation dog. Quira Vom Willowrock is everything I want in a gundog and her versatility has made her high scoring in all tests and breed shows.Quira can hunt rabbits in the morning and waterfowl at dusk.She is able to blood track deer one day give chase to a coyote the next.During the three tests so far she has scored 11 in pointing.ZB-Nr 212963,Brsch,ZR-Nr pending,SG(11)SG(10),VJP 74,NA 112,HZP 182 without track,HZP 176 Armbruster without track,HD free ED,OCD Clear.Received a 4h in search for duck in 2012 VGP.